Sulabh Agarwal Sulabh Agarwal Accenture
Adnan Ahmed Adnan Ahmed HSBC
Andrea Bacioccola Andrea Bacioccola SIA
Sophia Bantanidis Sophia Bantanidis Citi Innovation Lab
Raphael Barisaac Raphael Barisaac UniCredit
Debi Bell Debi Bell Independent Market Commentator
Joost Bergen Joost Bergen Cash Dynamics
Connie Blacklock Connie Blacklock J.P. Morgan
Rod Boothby Rod Boothby Santander
Robert Bosch Robert Bosch Bearing Point
Neil Brady Neil Brady Deutsche Bank
Vincent Brennan Vincent Brennan
Kevin Brown Kevin Brown Payment Industry Insights
Gerhard Bystricky Gerhard Bystricky UniCredit
Sara Castelhano Sara Castelhano J.P. Morgan
David Chance David Chance Fiserv
Ana Climente Ana Climente BBVA
Teresa Connors Teresa Connors Payment Matters
Nicola Coyne Nicola Coyne Barclays
Veerle Damen Veerle Damen NatWest
Francis De Roeck Francis De Roeck BNP Paribas
Charles De Rougé Charles De Rougé Bottomline
Sean Devaney Sean Devaney CGI
Saskia Devolder Saskia Devolder SWIFT
Eric Ducoulombier Eric Ducoulombier European Commission
Thomas Egner Thomas Egner EBA
Wolfgang Ehrmann Wolfgang Ehrmann EBA
Michael Engel Michael Engel Diebold Nixdorf
Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Esposito Intesa Sanpaolo
Jeroen Faas Jeroen Faas FIS
Stefano Favale Stefano Favale Intesa Sanpaolo
Jack Fletcher Jack Fletcher R3
Martin Georgzén Martin Georgzén P27 Nordic Payments
Michael Glaros Michael Glaros Microsoft
 Tanja Haase Tanja Haase SWIFT
Christian Hausherr Christian Hausherr Deutsche Bank
Peter Hazou Peter Hazou Microsoft
Volker Heinze Volker Heinze Unifits
Xavier Herrero Xavier Herrero CaixaBank
Christof Hofmann Christof Hofmann Deutsche Bank
Marco Hughes Marco Hughes HSBC
Daragh Kirby Daragh Kirby Intercope
Erwin Kulk Erwin Kulk EBA CLEARING
Marion Laboure Marion Laboure Deutsche Bank
Tom Lambrecht Tom Lambrecht Sopra Banking Software
Jon Levine Jon Levine Banking Circle
Mark Lohweber Mark Lohweber CoCoNet
Adrian Lovney Adrian Lovney New Payments Platform Australia
Naveen Mallela Naveen Mallela J.P. Morgan
Simon McConnell Simon McConnell Citi
Andrew McFarlane Andrew McFarlane Payments Canada
Lee McNabb Lee McNabb NatWest
Mario Mendia Mario Mendia TAS Group
Martin Moeller Martin Moeller Microsoft
Guy Moons Guy Moons FIS
Marc Niederkorn Marc Niederkorn McKinsey & Company
Petia Niederländer Petia Niederländer Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Nick Ogden Nick Ogden RTGS Limited
Daniele Pasqualini Daniele Pasqualini Intesa Sanpaolo
Jan Pilbauer Jan Pilbauer BankservAfrica
Petra Plompen Petra Plompen EBA CLEARING
Kate Pohl Kate Pohl Senior Advisory
Priyanka Rath Priyanka Rath J.P. Morgan
Craig Ramsay Craig Ramsay HSBC
Craig Ramsey Craig Ramsey ACI Worldwide
Tara Rice Tara Rice BIS
Uri Rivner Uri Rivner BioCatch
Marcello Ronco Marcello Ronco UniCredit
Akshat Saharia Akshat Saharia HSBC
Domenico Scaffidi Domenico Scaffidi Volante Technologies
Christian Schäfer Christian Schäfer Deutsche Bank
Dirk Schrade Dirk Schrade Deutsche Bundesbank
Sabrina Small Sabrina Small Lipis Advisors
Adrian Smyth Adrian Smyth NatWest
Ville Sointu Ville Sointu Nordea
Dean Sposito Dean Sposito Deutsche Bank
Michael Steinbach Michael Steinbach equensWorldline
Fabio Stragiotto Fabio Stragiotto UniCredit
Paul Thomalla Paul Thomalla Finastra
Eugenio Tornaghi Eugenio Tornaghi SIA
Michel Vaja Michel Vaja ICON Solutions
Eefje van der Harst Eefje van der Harst Innopay
Gayathri Vasudev Gayathri Vasudev J.P. Morgan
José Vicente José Vicente Millennium bcp
Dr. Hubertus von Poser Dr. Hubertus von Poser PPI
Jim Wadsworth Jim Wadsworth Mastercard
Emmelyn Wang Emmelyn Wang Amazon
Russ Waterhouse Russ Waterhouse The Clearing House
Ray Wilson Ray Wilson Montran

The live event agenda will comprise of both on-demand keynote presentations, live panel discussions and debates, and roundtables, featuring the world’s leading experts in payments who discuss key topics and new challenges driving the business in Europe.

Post event recordings of the keynote presentations, panel sessions, and roundtables will be availibile on demand. On demand access can be purchased during registration.