Day 3 - 30 June

The live event agenda will comprise of both on-demand keynote presentations, live panel discussions and debates, and roundtables, featuring the world’s leading experts in payments who discuss key topics and new challenges driving the business in Europe.

Post event recordings of the keynote presentations, panel sessions, and roundtables will be available on demand. On demand access can be purchased during registration.

Times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

 Available on-demand from 28 June.

Debi Bell Debi Bell Independent Market Commentator
Wolfgang Ehrmann Wolfgang Ehrmann EBA

 Available on-demand from 28 June.

Stefano Favale Stefano Favale Intesa Sanpaolo

 Available on-demand from 29 June.

Nick Ogden Nick Ogden RTGS Limited

Join Samme Allen and Debi Bell our hosts, live as they welcome all guests and provide an overview of what day 3 entails.

 Moderator: Sulabh Agarwal

Sulabh Agarwal Sulabh Agarwal Accenture
Marco Hughes Marco Hughes HSBC
Lee McNabb Lee McNabb NatWest


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Parallel panel streams:

With 2021 being a crucial year for the migration to the new payments standard, what will be its impact on operations? What tools are available to turn ISO20022 data into information? Could new business models emerge from using this standard?

Moderator: Tanja Haase

Neil Brady Neil Brady Deutsche Bank
 Tanja Haase Tanja Haase SWIFT
Volker Heinze Volker Heinze Unifits
Daragh Kirby Daragh Kirby Intercope
Daniele Pasqualini Daniele Pasqualini Intesa Sanpaolo

What are the implementation timelines for CBDC in Europe, Asia and North America? How can CBDC promote financial stability, financial inclusion and cross-border payments? What will be the role of commercial banks?

Moderator: Robert Bosch

Sophia Bantanidis Sophia Bantanidis Citi Innovation Lab
Robert Bosch Robert Bosch Bearing Point
Jack Fletcher Jack Fletcher R3
Marion Laboure Marion Laboure Deutsche Bank
Naveen Mallela Naveen Mallela J.P. Morgan
Dirk Schrade Dirk Schrade Deutsche Bundesbank


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Parallel panel streams:

Are the challenges from the entry of alternative service providers fostering innovation on the banks’ levels? Which trends can we see emerging? Will banks be able to keep up with other innovators entering the payments space?

Moderator: Sabrina Small

Jon Levine Jon Levine Banking Circle
Christian Schäfer Christian Schäfer Deutsche Bank
Sabrina Small Sabrina Small Lipis Advisors
Adrian Smyth Adrian Smyth NatWest
Michel Vaja Michel Vaja ICON Solutions

How can cloud services and artificial intelligence help PSPs turn their big data into customer insights, thereby enhancing service provisions? How can predictive analytics aid in the fight against financial crime?

Moderator: Kate Pohl

Sean Devaney Sean Devaney CGI
Adrian Lovney Adrian Lovney New Payments Platform Australia
Martin Moeller Martin Moeller Microsoft
Jan Pilbauer Jan Pilbauer BankservAfrica
Kate Pohl Kate Pohl Senior Advisory


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In association with FIS

What is the current status of instant payments growth across countries worldwide? Why does instant payments adoption still lag among corporates? Which impact does Request to Pay (R2P) have on the adoption of instant payments, and how is it influenced by APIs? What are the short-term and long-term options for implementing an instant payments system?


Connie Blacklock Connie Blacklock J.P. Morgan
Kevin Brown Kevin Brown Payment Industry Insights
Jeroen Faas Jeroen Faas FIS
Simon McConnell Simon McConnell Citi

 Moderator: Debi Bell

Debi Bell Debi Bell Independent Market Commentator
Thomas Egner Thomas Egner EBA
Wolfgang Ehrmann Wolfgang Ehrmann EBA
Petia Niederländer Petia Niederländer Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Fabio Stragiotto Fabio Stragiotto UniCredit


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End of day 3

If you purchased access to on demand materials, post event recordings of the keynote presentations, panel sessions, and roundtables will be available on demand from 1-14 July 2021.

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