Day 1 - 28 June

The live event agenda will comprise of both on-demand keynote presentations, live panel discussions and debates, and roundtables, featuring the world’s leading experts in payments who discuss key topics and new challenges driving the business in Europe.

Post event recordings of the keynote presentations, panel sessions, and roundtables will be available on demand. On demand access can be purchased during registration.

Times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Available on-demand from 28 June.

Debi Bell Debi Bell Independent Market Commentator
Wolfgang Ehrmann Wolfgang Ehrmann EBA

 Available on-demand from 28 June.

Stefano Favale Stefano Favale Intesa Sanpaolo


Platform opens for delegates


Welcome to day 1

Join Samme Allen and Debi Bell our hosts, live as they welcome all guests and provide an overview of what day 1 entails.


Parallel panel streams:

In which ways can Instant Payments become a factor in competitiveness? What is still missing to increase their uptake? How is IP being positioned in Europe, North America and beyond – as the new normal, or as a premium service?

Moderator: Teresa Connors

Gerhard Bystricky Gerhard Bystricky UniCredit
Teresa Connors Teresa Connors Payment Matters
Erwin Kulk Erwin Kulk EBA CLEARING
Craig Ramsey Craig Ramsey ACI Worldwide
Michael Steinbach Michael Steinbach equensWorldline

2020 led to unprecedented changes and challenges for banks, accelerating the move to the digital banking ecosystem. Do PSPs have sufficient resources, skills and long-term strategies in place to successfully compete or cooperate with Bigtechs? How much personal interaction can be replaced by digital?

Moderator: Kate Pohl

Sulabh Agarwal Sulabh Agarwal Accenture
Andrea Bacioccola Andrea Bacioccola SIA
Andrew McFarlane Andrew McFarlane Payments Canada
Kate Pohl Kate Pohl Senior Advisory
Emmelyn Wang Emmelyn Wang Amazon


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Parallel panel streams:

Which changes on processing, monitoring, control and routing systems are needed to better cope with liquidity requirements stemming from instant payments and from regulation? What is the long term perspective on evolving financial services to satisfy the needs of corporate treasurers?

Moderator: Joost Bergen

Adnan Ahmed Adnan Ahmed HSBC
Joost Bergen Joost Bergen Cash Dynamics
David Chance David Chance Fiserv
Priyanka Rath Priyanka Rath J.P. Morgan
Ray Wilson Ray Wilson Montran

 Is Open Banking seeing a return on investment? How does a digital operating model for Open Banking look like? Are industry-wide connectivity and communication standards being achieved? Do PSPs engage enough with Fintech? How can Open Banking pave the way to Open Finance?

Moderator: Vincent Brennan

Vincent Brennan Vincent Brennan
Michael Engel Michael Engel Diebold Nixdorf
Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Esposito Intesa Sanpaolo
Marcello Ronco Marcello Ronco UniCredit
Jim Wadsworth Jim Wadsworth Mastercard


CONNECT! with industry peers across the platform


End of day 1