Day 2 - 29 June

The live event agenda will comprise of both on-demand keynote presentations, live panel discussions and debates, and roundtables, featuring the world’s leading experts in payments who discuss key topics and new challenges driving the business in Europe. 

Post event recordings of the keynote presentations, panel sessions, and roundtables will be available on demand. On demand access can be purchased during registration.

Times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

  Available on-demand from 28 June.

Debi Bell Debi Bell Independent Market Commentator
Wolfgang Ehrmann Wolfgang Ehrmann EBA

  Available on-demand from 28 June.

Stefano Favale Stefano Favale Intesa Sanpaolo

  Available on-demand from 29 June.

Nick Ogden Nick Ogden RTGS Limited

Platform opens for delegates

Join Samme Allen and Debi Bell our hosts, live as they welcome all guests and provide an overview of what day 2 entails.

 Moderator: Marc Niederkorn

Sara Castelhano Sara Castelhano J.P. Morgan
Christof Hofmann Christof Hofmann Deutsche Bank
Marc Niederkorn Marc Niederkorn McKinsey & Company


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Parallel panel streams:

Can regulation act as an accelerator, not inhibitor, to banks’ adoption of new technologies or projects, such as DLT or stablecoins, in the field of cross-border payments? What are the prerequisites for banks to remain competitive while ensuring full compliance with regulation? How can regtech firms help? How will the new EU Retail Payments Strategy influence the changes?

Moderator: Nicola Coyne

Nicola Coyne Nicola Coyne Barclays
Eric Ducoulombier Eric Ducoulombier European Commission
Martin Georgzén Martin Georgzén P27 Nordic Payments
Tara Rice Tara Rice BIS
Paul Thomalla Paul Thomalla Finastra

How can PSPs adapt their infrastructure to deal with the technological and operational challenges presented by the increase in real-time payments? What happens when standards, schemes and rails converge for different payment types? How will the
user experience potentially change?

Moderator: Petia Niederländer

Francis De Roeck Francis De Roeck BNP Paribas
Tom Lambrecht Tom Lambrecht Sopra Banking Software
Mario Mendia Mario Mendia TAS Group
Guy Moons Guy Moons FIS
Petia Niederländer Petia Niederländer Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Eugenio Tornaghi Eugenio Tornaghi SIA


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Parallel panel streams:

In which ways is a faster international payments ecosystem possible with the help of correspondent banking? Which initiatives are on the horizon? Which challenges remain? What is the best way to respond to increased competition, compliance requirements and new technologies?

Moderator: Veerle Damen

Veerle Damen Veerle Damen NatWest
Saskia Devolder Saskia Devolder SWIFT
Akshat Saharia Akshat Saharia HSBC
Dean Sposito Dean Sposito Deutsche Bank
Gayathri Vasudev Gayathri Vasudev J.P. Morgan

How can a digital ID scheme work and who should be the driving force behind it? How can digital identity provide a frictionless consumer experience while helping fight fraud and tackling inter-operability issues? What are the paradigms for data protection?

Moderator: Eefje van der Harst

Rod Boothby Rod Boothby Santander
Uri Rivner Uri Rivner BioCatch
Ville Sointu Ville Sointu Nordea
Eefje van der Harst Eefje van der Harst Innopay


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In association with Microsoft

One lesson from Covid is that the nature of just-in-time global supply chains is changing. This comes on top of deeper trends in global trade in which the logistical and financial supply chains are converging, with data at their core. Payments, automation, and agility are at the heart of these processes as Working Capital cash management becomes the center of Open Account trading in which KYC, ISO message reconciliation, and counter-party risk all key issues. Join this session to learn how new technology can be used to better meet customer needs while mitigating risks in supply chain payments.

Teresa Connors Teresa Connors Payment Matters
Michael Glaros Michael Glaros Microsoft
Christian Hausherr Christian Hausherr Deutsche Bank
Peter Hazou Peter Hazou Microsoft
José Vicente José Vicente Millennium bcp


Parallel panel streams:

 With the first RtP services having gone live, how has the new initiative been taken up? How does Request to Pay tie in with banks’ instant payment strategies? Which experience have PSPs had with the new messaging functionality? Has RtP already contributed to further ramp-up of instant payments?

Moderator: Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown Kevin Brown Payment Industry Insights
Xavier Herrero Xavier Herrero CaixaBank
Mark Lohweber Mark Lohweber CoCoNet
Petra Plompen Petra Plompen EBA CLEARING
Dr. Hubertus von Poser Dr. Hubertus von Poser PPI
Russ Waterhouse Russ Waterhouse The Clearing House

What can banks do to create an “app store” of corporate banking to satisfy highly specialised customer needs? How can the cloud, APIs and platformisation act as enablers? What can the digital payments strategy of the future look like?

Moderator: Teresa Connors

Ana Climente Ana Climente BBVA
Teresa Connors Teresa Connors Payment Matters
Charles De Rougé Charles De Rougé Bottomline
Craig Ramsay Craig Ramsay HSBC
Domenico Scaffidi Domenico Scaffidi Volante Technologies


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End of day 2