This year, we ran a social media competition. Winners were gifted a tree, planted in association with Treedom.

1st prize – 3 x ‘planet hero’ forest trees, including Grevillea, Caoba, Neem. Offset 2900kg of CO2.
Won by Andrew Carrier of Quant

2nd prize – 1 x Cotton tree, planted in Ghana. Offset 2000kg of CO2.
Won by Simeon Lando of Form3

3rd prize – 1 x Neem tree, planted in Malawi. Offset 900kg of CO2.
Won by Tanja Konrad of Erste Group

What’s included?

  • All Treedom's trees are geolocated and photographed when they are planted.
  • Each tree has its own diary, via an online page where you can discover its special features and follow the story of the project it is part of.